The InterNetWorks Research Laboratory (IRL) is the pioneer research laboratory at the Universiti Utara Malaysia, officially established in 2012. It all started in 1993 as the Special Interest Group (SIG) of Computer Systems and Communication Networks (CSCN) at the then School of Information Technology that provided a platform for discussion among academic staff with a common interest in computer systems and communication networks.

The IRL engages in a wide spectrum of Internet computing technology and development research issues. Specifically, it establishes and promotes research of importance to the evolution of the Internet technologies by creating, conducting and collaborating focused research on topics related to Internet computing, architectures, protocols, applications, technologies and services. It provides a platform for discussions among Internet researchers, practitioners and stakeholders on Internet technology, policy, governance, and development - that brings ideas together - and disseminate the research outputs and findings by transferring the knowledge for the benefit of the community and society at large.


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