SDG in University

SDG in education, research, innovation and leadership is essential in assisting the society to deal with various challenges. As a whole, universities which are regarded as a medium to spread knowlede and broaden innovations play a vital role in achieving SDG's objective. In a way, it can be said that no SDG could be achieved without this sector.

Universities involvement in SDG would also lead to their own development and progress. Universities can identify the new demand for education especially the ones that are related to SDG. At the same time, they can also initiate multiple series of joint efforts with the industry and government to share new input with the society. Finally, as an institution, they have possiblities to obtain grant to develop new research and with that, they can share their expertise worldwide.

Events that are inline with the United Nation's SDGs

20th March 2022

Sustainable Development in Europe: Practice & Communication

E WEB Goal 04 E WEB Goal 11 E WEB Goal 17 E WEB Goal 17
14th December 2021

geoDRR - Awareness Raising Event 2021 "Roles of Geomatics Towards Sustainable Disaster Management"


-Not Available-

E WEB Goal 04 E WEB Goal 11 E WEB Goal 17 E WEB Goal 17
5th July 2021

I-RIA 2021 "Technology-Driven Innovations Driving Transition to The New Normal

E WEB Goal 04 E WEB Goal 09 E WEB Goal 11 E WEB Goal 17
9th - 10th March 2021

8th International Conference on Computing & Informatics (ICOCI 2021)

E WEB Goal 11