School of Computing


 bulb vision      


To be acknowledged as a centre of excellence and main reference in Enterprise Computing.




To actualize the aspiration of SOC as the centre of excellence and main reference in

(i) teaching and learning,

(ii) research and innovation,

(iii) publication and consultation, and

(iv) professional training in the Enterprise Computing related areas.

        graph mission




  • To provide opportunities for undergraduates, masters and doctoral studies in computing and other relevant disciplines;
  • To expand the knowledge of national development and assist it through the research and consultation activities;
  • To produce graduates with sufficient integrated knowledge encompassing the programme offered by the School of Computing.
  • To produce graduates who will become experts in their career choice.
  • To develop a creative, innovative and wider understanding of computing theory and practice, in line with the globalization and modernization of Computing.
  • To achieve an economic excellence and development with the improvement of quality and skills in computing thus providing expertise and knowledge workers for public or private sectors;
  • To contribute towards the enhancement of knowledge and social development by producing intellectuals and professionals.
  • To establish professional relationship and collaboration with the private and public sectors towards developing expertise in the relevant fields of knowledge.