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Selasa 19 Jun 2018


2 April 2017 / 5 Rejab 1438H


Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera
YBrs. Prof./Assoc. Prof./Dr./Sir/Madam

SOC ONLINE: Outcome Based Education (OBE) is one of the main agenda highlighted by the Ministry of Higher Education in improving Malaysian universities’ curriculum. The aim of OBE is to generate human capitals with first class mentality who are proactive, highly knowledgeable, morally upright and generous in contributing towards mutual benefit and holistic development. School of Computing (SOC), in supporting UUM for the OBE agenda, has organized an OBE Compliant Briefing with UTLC on 8th March 2017. UTLC Deputy Director, Dr. Muhamad Shahbani Abu Bakar highlighted that it is vital to align the learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks in achieving OBE. Lecturers should understand the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) and Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and able to map them correctly to ensure that the CLOs achieves the corresponding PLOs. Applying blended learning is highly emphasized since it is reported as an effective approach than traditional learning. On top of that, the lecturers must ensure that their courses support service learning, which can enrich learning experience, expose students to civic responsibilities and strengthen relationship with community.