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Selasa 23 April 2019


The 2nd serie of health talk was organized by the Committee of Seminar and Training, School Of Computing (SOC) on the 7th of July 2018.  The talk which was attended by SOC staff and Postgraduate students was held at BMU, SOC. Prof. Dr. Akram Yousif Yasear from College of Dentistry, University of Kerbala, Iraq was invited to share his knowledge about healthcare, particularly about Osteoporosis : Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. In his talk, Prof. Dr. Akram described that osteoporosis is a silent disease because it does not show any symptom until a fracture happens. The consequences of these fractures include pain, disability, depression, loss of independence, and increased mortality. Surprisingly, based on previous research, 80% of osteoporosis affects women and 20% of men aged 50 and over.  Moreover, he mentioned that patients with either type 1 or type  2 diabetes have a higher risk of osteoporosis. Hence, he encouraged patients with osteoporosis to stay close to nature. This will be the treatment to help rebuild strong bones. The talk was ended with the question and answer session. Through this talk, the participants were exposed to another new information which is essential for their life.