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Jumaat 22 Februari 2019


uumpress seminar 30052018


SOC ONLINE: The academicians in School of Computing (SOC) were exposed by the publication opportunity with UUMPress through a talk organized by SOC on 22nd May 2018. The talk was delivered by Mrs. Rosma Ishak, a publication officer from UUMPress. In her talk, Mrs. Rosma addressed that UUMPress handles various categories of publication which includes books, monograph, lecture series, and journals. The books also vary from the scholarly book, edited works, textbook, general book to creative book. Good news is that all staff are welcomed to submit any writing for publication with UUMPress. However, she mentioned that the publication needs to undergo a tedious process, which follows the publication procedure of UNESCO publication guide. The publication that skips this process is not considered as a “real” publication. She also highlighted the minimum number of pages for a book is set to 49 pages; if not adhered, the writing will not be recognized as a book. The main point that attracted the participants is that the duration of book publication process may take up to 6 – 12 months depending on the author’s cooperation and evaluator’s feedback. She also promoted that UUMPress provide printing services to print books or teaching modules. These books, however, will be considered as the university publication as UUMPress will not take any responsibility for its content. This talk session has given the academicians overview of the publication opportunity and they are looking forward to submitting their writings to UUMPress in the near future.