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Jumaat 22 Februari 2019

Alibaba china

SOC ONLINE: The UUM academic staff had an opportunity to visit the Alibaba Group Headquarters at the Xixi Campus, Hangzhou, China in May 2018. The UUM delegation was led by Prof. Dr. Ku Ruhana Ku Mahamud from School of Computing (SOC). The team included Prof. Dr. Zulikha Jamaludin, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Syamsul Bahrin Zaibon and Dr Mazni Omar, along with other academic staff.

The purpose of the educational visit was (a) to learn about and gain experience in the most cutting edge technologies at the Alibaba Campus, (b) to understand the work culture in Alibaba Business School for promoting entrepreneurship skills and knowledge among students, and (c) to enhance knowledge on the use of ICT-based technology for marketing and promoting products and services.

The UUM delegation was warmly welcomed to the Alibaba Campus by the Alibaba’s representatives, Ms Dream Liu and Mr Neo Cai. The visit started with a brief overview of Alibaba’s history, business model, achievements and progress. The delegation was privileged to be given a guided Alibaba Museum tour, as the museum exhibits offer insight into Alibaba’s great inventions, success journey and contribution to the society. The team also had a chance to visit Alibaba’s future market and Tmall supermarket. They were briefed on the logistics involved in the delivery of products ordered using various Alibaba eCommerce platform.

The delegation also had an opportunity to visit Alibaba Business School, located inside the Hangzhou Normal University. The focus of the visit was on the teaching system and the entrepreneurship training programmes. In particular, the development of IT curriculum for MSc programmes, along with CyberBusiness programme was discussed. During the campus visit, the delegation also had the privilege to learn a bit of operation carried out at the Alibaba Business School’s Incubator.

The schedule for the next day included a presentation on the eCommerce Education model given by the founder of Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College, Prof Jia Shaohua, also known as Enterpreneurial Godfather. He also shared some of Yiwu students’ entrepreneurship success stories. Next, the delegation attended a meeting with academic representatives from Zheijiang University, which is one of the top three universities in China. The meeting focused on potential academic and research collaboration, as well as student and staff exchange programmes.

The two-day visit was fruitful and immensely enjoyable. During the visit, the UUM delegates also discussed with Alibaba representatives on the potential collaborations for organising The 7th International Conference on Computing and Informatics (ICOCI 2019) that will be held in Bangkok from 27th – 29th March of 2019. Based on this productive visit, it is hoped that UUM can work closely with Alibaba in order to gain more information on maximising the benefits of ICT in business and marketing.