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Ahad 26 Mei 2019






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UUM ONLINE: 8 May - The fifth edition of the Innovative Research, Invention & Application Exhibition 2018 (I-RIA 2018) showcased the latest inventions, ideas, prototypes, products and designs. The two-day event was held at the Muádzam Shah Hall, UUM.

Highlighting the theme, “Harnessing Technology for Industrial Revolution 4.0”, I-RIA 2018 was officiated by the Executive Director of MyEG Services Berhad, who is also the Adjunct Professor of UUM, Dato’ Raja Munir Shah Raja Mustapha yesterday.

I-RIA aimed at providing the ideal place for creators, designers and entrepreneurs to showcase their latest inventions, ideas, prototypes, products and designs to investors, manufacturers, distributors and marketers looking for new ideas.

He added that, since 2015 I-RIA has grown into a recognised national exhibition in Malaysia, making it the ideal platform for technological commercialisation and also the infinite platform to embark on various academic collaborations and discussions on issues related to the IR 4.0.

Meanwhile, the Project Director of I-RIA 2018, Dr. Amran Ahmad said, this time around, I-RIA received almost 200 participants from all over the country including from the institutions of higher education, schools, agencies and also individuals.

A Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) student, Mohamad Fazuan Mohd Wafat, invented a Biketracker app that uses the android-based smartphone.

"The Biketracker application was created to detect the bike rider's location. If this device detected a fall, a text message (SMS) will be sent to the contact of this app user," he explained.