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Selasa 25 Jun 2019

photo icgpa kumpul

Towards the iCGPA Implementation

SOC ONLINE: In conjunction to the iCGPA implementation, School of Computing (SOC) conducted a workshop on its implementation. A briefing session regarding iCGPA was held on the 17th April 2018 in BMU, SOC. The session lasted for one hour, starting from , 2.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. In this session, Associate Prof. Dr. Osman Ghazali (Deputy Dean of SOC) shared the guidance on iCGPA implementation. He informed the participants that SOC is selected to pilot test the iCGPA. Additionally, he demonstrated the Excel file that will be used to key in the information for iCGPA. The course coordinators are instructed to fill in appropriate information regarding iCGPA using the given template by 24th April 2017. Through this session, lecturers get knowledge on the iCGPA implementation which will be useful for them in the future.