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Jumaat 26 April 2019

SOC has strong technology research platforms. These are made up of core facilities and capabilities that provide high-quality specialist research services. The platforms underpin our research efforts to our industry and collaborative research partners. Our core research platform includes:

Informatics Process and Management

The Informatics Process and Management platform is one of the thrust areas, which conducts research related to information management technology, information engineering, and information structure and design (infostructure). This platform is supported by the Software Technology Research Group (SofTech) which is led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haslina Mohd (haslina[at]

Knowledge Management and Process Technology

The Knowledge Management and Processing Technology platform deals with research related to technological creation, identification, storage, access, knowledge management, software quality, software evaluation and modelling. In addition, image processing, artificial intelligence and natural language processing are also focused by this platform which supported by the Computational Intelligence Research Group (CI). The group is led by Dr. Yuhanis Yusof (yuhanis[at]

Network Computing and Information

Security The Networked Computing and Information Security platform involves in Internet technologies, Internet Engineering, distributed computing, performance evaluation of computer networks, mobile computing and wireless (mobile and wireless computing), analyzes threat data, methods of hacking, data mining and so on. The platform is supported by InterNetWorks Research Group (InterNetWorks). Currently this platform is led by Dr. Adib Habbal (adib[at]

Social Informatics

The Social Informatics involves research in using ICT in daily life. The platform emphasis on the role of ICT in addressing social issues related to health, education, poverty alleviation and development of ICT in rural areas. The platform is supported by Public and Enterprise Computing Research Group (PEC). The group is currently led by Associate Professor Abdul Bashah Ali (bashah[at]].