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Jumaat 26 April 2019

Computational Intelligence is a branch of computer science dealing with simulation of intelligent behaviour in computers. The Computational Intelligence Research Group specialises in adaptive and intelligent computational approaches to problem-solving. Many real-world problems are complex and involve vast amounts of data, hence the balancing of multiple objectives within challenging constraints and the shifting demands of a fast-moving world is necessary. We research powerful computational approaches to discover key relationships in data, to intelligently search for assistive solutions in complex scenarios and daily routines that best adapts resources to demands. [CLICK HERE]


To advance the area of applied computational intelligence by providing new concepts, methods and algorithms capable of solving real-world problems.


  • To develop/apply intelligent algorithms/methods/techniques for problem solving and assisting humans;
  • To contribute to the theoretical understanding of computational intelligence.

The Computational Intelligence research group has a primary focus in the following areas:

  • Evolutionary Computation - Evolutionary Algorithms and Swarm Intelligence Algorithm;
  • Machine learning - Pattern recognition, Data Mining, Image processing;  
  • Knowledge processing and reasoning case based reasoning, expert system, fuzzy logic;
  • Human-centerd Computing

Previous and current research projects include:

  • speech recognition
  • timetabling and scheduling
  • scheduling of grid resources 
  • forecasting in education, agriculture, health and finance
  • diagnosis on diseases
  • flood management
  • image processing
  • information retrieval
  • text classification
  • text deviation detection
  • teganography and  steganalysis